A Behind the Scenes Look into Party Rock Mondays at Marquee Nightclub

Photos by Doug Hac – www.DougHac.com

I would like to personally thank Party Rock Crew member Erin Beck, for giving my readers an inside look at what Party Rock Mondays inside Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is like from HER unprecedented vantage point, via words and images.

Story by Erin Beck –

“Holy sh*t.

28 hours after getting back to my room after Party Rock Monday @ Marquee LV, I think my head has finally stopped spinning (in a good way) long enough to form a coherent sentence on the internet.

You know when you go to a big club, there’s always that ONE table that is having way more fun than everyone else? In 100% honesty, EVERY table at Marquee on Monday night was *that* table. I have never seen anything like it– everyone was having real, genuine FUN. Not the “I just got into the hottest club in LA and my hair looks good tonight, so I’m going to smile and walk laps around this place until someone takes me home” fun, but the “It’s my 7th birthday and my parents are taking me to Disneyland” kind of JOYous FUN. Even the tables in the back were jumping. Literally. You would have thought they were on stage for how hyped up they were.

Starting from the top–the Party Rock Crew decked out every table at Marquee before the night kicked off, complete with Party Rock frames, inflatable zebras and microphones, foam fingers, and glowsticks. And bottles. LOTS of bottles. Cocktail waitresses, go-go dancers, busboys, bartenders– all were in head to toe party rock gear, meaning girls were in tiny shorts that glowed in the black light, go-gos were in nothing but polka dot bikinis, etc etc. And all were smokin hot (well done, Marquee human resources dept).

So, by the time we got to the club around 11:30, which is early by Vegas standards, the party looked like it was in full swing– glowsticks on every head/wrist/belt/whatever, cocktail waitresses dancing on tables with bottles in their hands (that’s talent), lasers and black lights flashing in sync with the music, and a dancefloor full of good looking people who actually had rhythm. It was industry night, so I guess a house full of dj’s, dancers, and artists helps that out. The thing that was most impressive, though, was how freaking HAPPY everyone looked. Normally, clubs are either a bit empty and awkward, or they’re overcrowded and trying to get from one table to the next can be a sobering downer, but the layout of Marquee with its multiple levels and circular layout meant that getting from a table to the dancefloor then back up to another table was just a matter of dancing through a smiling crowd until you got to where you wanted to be. Amazing.

We got to our table, and it was BIG. THANK YOU, MARQUEE! Finally, a club that understands that a table’s booth needs to be big enough not just to hold 6 bored, sitting asses, but big enough to hold the table’s purchasers, their guests, dancers, cocktail waitresses, and any random hotties that are walking by that you want to offer a drink to. The tables here have floor space (waitresses and busboys and the shy kid in your group), booth space (dance on it- the cushions are sturdy enough for dudes and for stilettos), and best of all– top space. Meaning, the tops of the booths are hardwood, wide enough for a dozen people to stand on and dance on. And all of the tables are tiered, so even when the tables on the floor are all up on their booths, the second level is still a head higher, so they can see the dancefloor/djs/dancers/video screen…. and on that note….


Party Rock Mondays is Redfoo of LMFAO’s night to spin, but the boy seriously took it to a whole ‘nother level. You know when you’re at a club, and you decide it’s time to walk around/go for a smoke/text/tweet/otherwise vacate the dancefloor, so you wait for a song or two, then say to your friend, “Hey, I’m over this song. Let’s go outside”? Never happened. Seriously. Marquee apparently has 2 other levels and a whole separate dancefloor, but I wouldn’t know, because throughout the 2.5+ hours that Redfoo was spinning, I didn’t ONCE hear a song the made me go “hm, ya, I can miss this one.” Instead, I felt like every time a new song came on, I got that OH-MY-GOD-I-LOVE-THIS-SONG!!-ANNA-COME-OVER-HERE-LET’S-DANCE! feeling. Needless to say, I’m sore as hell today because for 3+ hours, I couldn’t stop dancing my face off long enough to even get myself a cocktail (luckily the waitresses here are the best in the biz, and they took care of me all night. The best).

When I say Redfoo was “spinning,” that’s a total understatement. He was PARTY. ROCKING. In every sense of the phrase. Not only was he playing the best music out there right now, but he was performing his songs on the mic, he was coming out on the stages to get all up in the dancefloor, he was pouring shots, he was dancing. I know he had a Redbull before he went on, but the kind of energy he brought to his set was WAY above that– it was the kind of energy that comes from having an unbridled passion for music, and from knowing how to read a crowd and throw an epic party accordingly. Having Redfoo onstage alone would have made for an insane party, but the Party Rock Crew and Marquee didn’t stop there.

Lasers- awesomely on tempo. Lights- not too bright, and not too dark, just right. Go-go dancers- worked it like it was their own party and they were right at home shaking their asses on stage. Cocktail waitresses- again, the dancing on tables/dancing with bottles is an impressive skill. Confetti cannons- wow- these you just really have to see go off in person…take the best New Years confetti drop you’ve ever seen, and then put that into a cannon, add some sparkle and shine, then blast it over a jumping dancefloor. Unbelievable. Similarly, the cyro guns- Q manned these like a pro, blasting the crowd with icy air that looked and felt amazing. The performance artists- these girls came out four times during the night, each time wearing different amazingly glowing outfits. And by “outfits,” I mean “lingerie.” They performed on a hanging catwalk above the dj booth, and did sexy coordinated routines, which was an awesome addition to Redfoo’s set. I’ve never seen that in a club before, and I’d love to see it again! At one point, the giant video screen folded down and became a platform above the dancefloor, where a girl walked out via the catwalk and did this unbelievable routine with hula-hoops. I mean, what guy DIDN’T want do take her to bed after seeing that girl’s talents? Just sayin. When the video screen wasn’t being used as stage, it was HUGE, lit up, and streaming video that the Party Rock Crew shot just for Party Rock Mondays. It had everything you ever wanted, and more– hot chicks, effects, Redfoo, dancing, ridiculous costumes, sexual innuendos, ass-shaking, etc. To make it that much better, the video was controlled by some dude in the crowd via his iPad all night, so what you were seeing on the screen was always in sync with what you were hearing over the speakers. Un-f*ing-believable.


Did you ever watch that show on MTV where the some chick from NY or whatever would get to pick every single thing she ever wanted for her Sweet 16 party, from dresses to huge cakes to having P Diddy perform at her party? This is that party. But for beautiful people who are of legal drinking age and just want to party.

So if you’re one of those people, see you at Party Rock Mondays inside Marquee. It’s going to be EPIC, and this time, you won’t have to read about it on the internet.

SIDEBAR: This note wouldn’t be even close to complete without giving credit to the people who made this f*ing fantastic night possible. THANKS TO (in whatever order I think of it in):

Redfoo- for Party Rock, for LMFAO’s music, for his energy, for Party Rock Wednesdays, for his set, and on and on
Q- for getting the entire club drunk. Hahaha. For partying your face off, and making sure that everyone and their mothers always has a good time. You rock.
DJ Air- damn, boy. You rocked that club. Can’t wait to see you spin some more!
Ian Fletcher- for keeping everyone on time, on point, on their feet, etc. Basically for making sh*t happen.
Koco Blaq- for keeping the PR Crew, the dancers, artists, waitresses, and everyone else decked out in the hottest clothes ever.
Anna Banana- for looking smoking hot, all the time. I mean, for keeping PR online up and running, for making sure the house doesn’t burn down, for being eye candy in the video, and for being the best roomie.
Melinda- for all the behind the scenes work that no one sees, for the decorations, for coordination
Miss Bettina- you were there in spirit! Your clothes continue to look AMAZING in the club
Kellie Lou + Charlie Pearl- the Party Rock go-go’s- you girls are HOT. Hot hot HOT. Loved seeing you on stage, and up on that big screen!
David DeBlackHawk- for helping any/everywhere, for driving, for decorating, but my favorite–for dancing your face off 🙂
Lucky Lou- for the music, for holding down the booth, and for the fun-impossible not to smile around you!
DaveyB- for generally being awesome, keeping the stage and sound all in check, and for having everyone’s back
Furr + Nate- HAHAAH!!! Watching you two work it on the stage was honestly one of the highlights of my night, so thank you for party rocking!
Dre Kroon + Goon Rock- you were missed on Monday, but can’t wait for Feb 21 to have you there!
Krayzie Russian- for bookings! yay!
George- for being a suit without wearing a suit.
Mike Snedegar- WOW. This man handled any and everything the PR Crew needed in Las Vegas- from transportation to hotels to food to clubs to strippers. Ok maybe not the last one, but this guy is amazing, and without him, I’m pretty sure half the crew would have been hungry and homeless.

On that note, HUGE THANK YOU to the COSMOPOLITAN LAS VEGAS– your hotel is beautiful, your staff is unbelievably friendly (literally– it caught me off-guard), your rooms are perfect, and your club Marquee Las Vegas really exceeded every expectation on Monday night.

Thanks also to the rest of the Tao family– dinner at Tao was fantastic, thank you for taking care of the crew.

I know there are dozens of other people who are helping make Party Rock Mondays @ Marquee as fantastic as they are, so thank you to anyone not named above!

To get your fix of Party Rock til then, hit up iTunes for LMFAO’s new single “Party Rock Anthem,” http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/party-rock-anthem-feat-lauren/id414714369?i=414714376


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