Absinthe Producer The Gazillionaire Wants More Cash

The self proclaimed wealthiest man in Las Vegas and producer of the hit show Absinthe, The Gazillionaire said today he wants more cash and plans to launch a second production of Absinthe as an international tour.

Absinthe Las Vegas
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Absinthe Las Vegas

“Once you have a lot of money, and then add fame to it, family comes out of the woodwork asking for money. I have a lot of not-so-legitimate children that have been filing some very legitimate claims,” says The Gazillionaire. “I am constantly being hit up to support them by those shysters who promote themselves on billboards along the Interstate. The easiest way for me to pay for this is to start a new production of my show Absinthe and then the lawyers can split the cash and leave my enormous wad alone.”

The critically acclaimed and original production of Absinthe, which premiered in 2011, continues its open-ended run at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on the Roman Plaza.

“Given the ever growing demand for the production and its lauded reputation globally, we decided to engage in discussions with promoters in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan about the Absinthe tour,” says Spiegelworld Impresario and Creator Ross Mollison.

An announcement regarding further details on the tour will be made in early September. Auditions for the second company of Absinthe will be held in Las Vegas and Spiegelworld will again draw talent from every corner of the world to complete casting of the show.

Spiegelworld produces Absinthe at Caesars Palace, Empire, which is currently touring Japan and Vegas Nocturne which is currently on hiatus.


Absinthe has been hailed as “the most inventive and daring show to open on the strip in years!” (Las Vegas Sun) Absinthe features outrageous comedy and a cast of wild and outlandish acts performing amazing feats of virtuosity within mere feet of the audience. As the Huffington Post declares, “It happens five feet away from you, and it’s awesome!”

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