Amy Smart & Will.I.Am at LAVO Nightclub

Photo Credit: Bryan Haraway

The upcoming election was center stage at LAVO inside The Palazzo Saturday night as actress Amy Smart hosted an evening for Sporting a hot pink t-shirt emblazoned with the website, she urged everyone to make their voice heard. Also supporting the cause was Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. The duo and a group of friends sampled Chef Ludo’s signature dishes and immediately following dinner Will.I.Am took control of the turntables in the lounge, elevating the energy in the room with a mix of house, hip hop and classics. After his special set, the entire group adjourned to a table on the dance floor in the nightclub where they sang and danced all night to the sounds of DJ Reach.

Also dining at LAVO on Saturday Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother, AJ Buckley and Jonathan Togo of CSI, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men and actor and Apple’s MAC spokesperson Justin Long. The group enjoyed everything LAVO has to offer, starting with a dinner of favorites hand-picked by Chef Ludo, before making their way to the Strip front terrace where they partook in the ancient ritual of Hookah while braving a bit of rare Vegas rain. The finished their evening upstairs in the nightclub where they danced the night away.

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