Anita Mann Joins Board of Directors for The Dizzy Feet Foundation

Accomplished producer, director, actress, dancer and choreographer, Anita Mann, has joined the prestigious Board of Directors for The Dizzy Feet Foundation and will participate in the Fourth Annual Celebration of Dance Gala on Saturday, July 19.

Anita Mann
Anita Mann

Mann joined the Board of Directors in January, following many years of supporting Dizzy Feet and other organizations affiliated with dance and the arts. “Dancing is something that is near and dear to my heart,” says Mann. “I have long admired all that Dizzy Feet does to support dance programs for our country’s young people, and I am thrilled to take on a larger role with the organization.”

The Dizzy Feet Foundation, established in 2009 by producer Nigel Lythgoe and director Adam Shankman, was created to increase dance education across the United States through funding dance programs to underprivileged youth, providing scholarships for talented individuals and helping young people realize the power and benefits of dance.

The Fourth Annual Celebration of Dance Gala, presented by The Dizzy Feet Foundation in partnership with the Music Center, takes place on Saturday, July 19. The Dizzy Feet Foundation has announced that stars such as Christina Applegate, Jenna Elfman, Wayne Brady, Paula Abdul and Elizabeth Berkley will be presenters at the prestigious gala.

All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The Dizzy Feet Foundation.

The Music Center will also be the Los Angeles headquarters for National Dance Day 2014 on Saturday, July 26. National Dance Day was created by The Dizzy Feet Foundation’s co-president Nigel Lythgoe in an effort to encourage Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health. Other National Dance Day events will take place in New York at the Lincoln Center and in Washington, D.C. at the Kennedy Center.

About Anita Mann

Anita Mann (is a choreographer, as well as a dancer and actress. Mann has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as one of America’s top five contemporary choreographers. She is also the recipient of five Emmy Awards and accolades from every corner of the industry.

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