Antonio Restivo the Fire Breather Guinness World Records Holder

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Amanda Mochan of Guinness World Records was in Las Vegas, NV Today to record The Highest Flame Blown By A Fire Breather. The previous record was held by an Australian and was 23 feet 7 inches.

The New record was set today in a warehouse in Las Vegas by fire breather and ‘America’s Got Talent 2010’ contestant Antonio Restivo who blew a 26 foot and 5 inch flame. Antonio is the first American to hold this record. His proud mother, Eileen Restivo, was on hand to watch along with Antonio’s friends, family and colleagues.

Antonio skillfully and safely blew flames well into the ceiling of the warehouse past the 26 foot marker with Fire Marshall on hand overseeing the process.

The Strip View Live from was onsite to exclusively cover and record the record setting video and document the setup of the entire process. You will be able to see footage of this extraordinary event on as well.

About Antonio Restivo:

Antonio Restivo from “America’s Got Talent 2010” is one of the Top 48 acts in Season 5 of the NBC talent competition series. Antonio Restivo (“Got Talent 2010”) auditioned in New York, New York. Antonio Restivo (“America’s Got Talent 2010”) is fire artist and illusionist who is 39 years old.

Antonio Restivo was born in Brooklyn, New York. When Antonio Restivo was just 8 years old, he burned down his best friend’s backyard. Of course, Antonio Restivo knew even then, that the element of fire would change his life forever. For the past 13 years, Antonio Restivo has been traveling across the United States teaching students of all ages how to safely spin, work and dance with fire. Teaching about fire wasn’t always a glamorous or lucrative living and some nights were even spent sleeping in his van, but Antonio Restivo’s passion more than made up for any lack of money coming in.

Antonio Restivo now spends most of his nights thinking and working on new fire props and hanging out with his dog Bella. Antonio Restivo truly feels that “America’s Got Talent” is the most exciting opportunity he’s had in his life and looks forward to showing America what he can do.

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