Bo Karlen of BoTown Cuts His Bun at JET Nightclub

Photos by © Jeremy Womack
BoTown productions started in 1996 in Las Vegas. BoTown brings the best club promoting to Las Vegas with access to any DJ in the world. You can assure that any venue will always have the best in Deep House, Trance, Breaks, and Progressive music.

Bo Karlen started his journey into house music in 1995 where he organized his first trip from his hometown of Portland to San Francisco to see a DJ named Sasha at Sound Factory. Bo Karlen’s deep passion for music gave him a firm understanding for music and the effect music has on people. Through his experience in San Francisco the door was opened to Bo Town Productions in Las Vegas.

BoTown Productions provides the best talent:

* DJ’s
* Break Dancers
* Go-Go Dancers
* Fire Shows
* Magicians
* Valet Services
* V.I.P. Services ( table reservations)
* Limo Services
* Bachelor Parties
* Live performances: drummers, percussionists, contortionists, fire shows and more.

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