Bobby Slayton Photos Returning to Las Vegas at the Hooters Casino

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

“Comic Legend Bobby Slayton returns to Las Vegas starting January 27th at Hooters Casino Showroom, where he will perform Thursdays through Saturdays each week.

The comic performed a special VIP event last night and in attendance for the show was fellow comedian David Brenner as well as Comedy Store founder Sammy Shore and Adult Star Sunset Thomas.

Slayton performed a wealth of new material that had the room rolling in non-stop laughter last night. His energetic and relentless humor has earned him the name as the ‘Pitbull of comedy’ and the respect of his fellow comics who paid him a hilarious tribute in an introduction film that started out the evening including appearances from Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Carrot Top, Don Rickles, Ray Romano, Penn & Teller, Howie Mandel, The Smothers Brothers and Lewis Black to name just a few.” – Erik Kabik

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