Celebrities Photos from TAO Nightclub and LAVO Nightclub on November 20, 2010

Photos by Al Powers/Powers Imagery

Saturday night Bam Margera was at LAVO Nightclub to celebrate the success of Jackass 3D and the release of the new book, Jackass: 10 Years of Stupid. Margera hammed it up on the carpet before sitting down to dinner at the Italian eatery with friends. In the club he jumped into the DJ booth where he handed DJ Skratchy a CD – little did he know the CD of Die Antwoords “ninja” would become the theme song for a surprise cake presentation. Bam and friends danced and made their way around the club, posing with fans.

Zach Abel from ABC Family’s Make It or Break It was spotted at LAVO Nightclub with friends, enjoying Penne ala Vodka, Kobe Meatballs and shots of Patron before heading up to the nightclub.

Rock group Rooney had an early dinner at LAVO Nightclub, fueling up for their concert with signature items from the kitchen and specialty cocktails including the Lato Auto and Sicilian Sun. After the show they hit TAO where they took over a lower skybox and danced with their girlfriends.

At TAO Nightclub DJ Vice provided the soundtrack for an amazing party. LA Dodger Matt Kemp and a group of guy friends commanded a dance floor VIP table, and while girlfriend Rihanna was not there, her presence was felt. When her two latest singles were played the outfielder to jump in the DJ booth with his friend Vice, clearly proud of his girlfriend.

At nearly 3 am Nelly stopped by TAO Nightclub and despite saying he was going to lay low, he couldn’t resist when Vice called him to the DJ booth. Soon an impromptu concert took place as Nelly entertained the packed club with his hit “Just a Dream” followed by a trip through the years all the way back to his debut album County Grammar, which peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Kemp, Nelly and Vice kept the party going until 4:30 am, with Vice only taking a break from the turntable to stand on the booth and spray the room with Champagne while Nelly kept his for drinking.

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