Celebs Get Paid to Party in Las Vegas During New Year’s Eve

50 Cent, Fergie — Cha-Ching in the New Year

From TMZ.com

Nobody loves New Year’s Eve like celebrities — because unlike you, stars like 50 Cent, Pete Wentz and the Black Eyed Peas get paid a ton of cash to show up and party.

According to sources at NewYearsEve.com, Fergie Ferg and the rest of the Peas will be kissing some serious green come midnight — taking in more than $700,000 to show up and perform at LAX at the Luxor. As for the rest…

50 Cent — $100,000 for a party at Pure at Caesars Palace.
LMFAO — $75,000 to perform at a place called Silk in Temecula
Pete Wentz — $30,000 to hang at Jet Nightclub in Vegas
Nik Richie (the guy from TheDirty.com) — $20,000 to appear at Pure in Vegas

The cheapest of the group: Brody Jenner, who’s pulling in a measly $10K to party at the Hotel Ganesvoort in Miami.

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