DJ Loczi’s Electric Dream at Studio 54 for New Year’s Eve 2011

Experience a fantastic auditory and visual experience, “Electric Dream,” at legendary Studio 54 at MGM Grand

This New Year’s Eve, DJ Loczi, one of the nation’s top DJs and nightlife producers, invites partygoers to experience a fantastic auditory and visual experience, “Electric Dream,” at legendary Studio 54 at MGM Grand. Produced and orchestrated by DJ Loczi, Electric Dream will play up Las Vegas extravagance while creating an overall dream experience for guests every Friday.

Like stepping into an alternate universe, DJ Loczi will take partygoers on a dream-like journey as the line between fantasy and reality blurs. Celebrating infamous stars who made Studio 54 legendary, Electric Dream will rewind to the past incorporating videos and projections of the club’s iconic guests, while fast forwarding into the future with live musicians; unexpected appearances by aerialists, wall-climbers and dancers; and surreal special effects. With new encounters around every corner, guests can visit week after week without ever experiencing the same thing twice.

Each Friday, DJ Loczi will take his audience through the past, present and future with his electric skills on the turntables. Beginning with the classics, DJ Loczi will add a modern and electric twist that evokes comfort and emanates crowd participation. Moving on to Top 40 hits, the mixmaster will spin only the trendiest and hottest tunes. Futuristic mixes will take over late night at Studio 54, with DJ Loczi producing the sounds of tomorrow with energetic and electronic beats.

Known for spinning the hottest electro, dubstep, progressive house and breakbeats remixed with pop, hip hop, funk, soul and disco, DJ Loczi will touch each guest’s senses, emotion and energy with Electric Dream. Loczi’s trained ear has earned him the privilege of playing elite venues such as Semi-Precious Weapons’ Official After-Party, Madonna’s Closing Tour Party, GRAMMY® After-Party and San Diego’s Superbowl Party. He has also performed with DJ AM, Kid Rock, The Black Eyed Peas, and Pitbull.

This New Year’s Eve, DJ Loczi’s team of musicians and animators includes:
• Master remixer David Alexander on the keys (synth) whose credits include Prince and Justin Timberlake
• Celebrity musician Christopher Wight on the drums and vocals who has worked with the likes of Linkin Park and Colby O’Donis
• Famed guitarist Joy Basu who has performed with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez
• Emmy-Award winning animator Mark Butler
Produced for the classy, edgy and trendy music connoisseurs that frequent Studio 54, Electric Dream will take partygoers through experiences they will never forget. DJ Loczi exclaims, “Through Electric Dream, I will create a weekly journey through the past, present and future, utilizing the images, sound bites and expression of the original and iconic Studio 54 before moving smoothly into a world of NOW. I will present the biggest sound pieces of today in a fresh way which will evolve into the future with music that will define tomorrow’s culture to help us realize that all things imaginative are possible.”

The experience DJ Loczi will create is completely unpredictable but will undoubtedly leave club-goers wanting more!

Tickets for New Year’s Eve are $150 in advance and $175 at the door. Attendees will enjoy an open premium bar from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Dress code will be enforced. Guests must be 21 years of age or older.

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