DJ Loczi’s “Electric Dream” Launches at Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve

DJ Loczi’s “Electric Dream” Launches at Studio 54

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Studio 54 inside MGM Grand was an explosive visual and auditory experience on New Year’s Eve for the launch of DJ Loczi’s Electric Dream, recurring every Friday. The already excited crowd went wild as the venue turned dark and Loczi took to the turntables set against a massive LED screen. Launching his set with Black Eyed-Peas’ “I Got a Feeling,” the energy among partygoers was insane as the end of 2010 neared. No one knew what lay ahead for this dream-like party as musicians began surrounding the crowd. Heads turned to find live musicians jamming in beat with Loczi’s electric spins. Loczi was joined by master remixer David Alexander on the keys, celebrity musician Christopher Wight on the drums and vocals, famed guitarist Joy Basu and Emmy-Award winning animator Mark Butler.

Partygoers reveled in the alternate universe created and controlled by Loczi as they were taken on sensory overload. The amazing graphics exploded on the LED screen in perfect rhythm to Loczi’s beats as the colors and patterns blurred the line between fantasy and reality. The elaborately costumed Studio 54 dancers performed seductive numbers throughout the night, bringing out the sexy side among New Year’s Eve partiers. Loczi started the journey through the past as the rave-like atmosphere felt reminiscent of the original Studio 54 in New York City, including a scantily clad dancer descending to the stage in the famed Studio 54 moon. This imaginative trance ushered in 2011 as clubgoers screamed the countdown and cheered at the stroke of midnight when confetti and balloons dropped from the ceiling. The party continued well after the clock struck twelve when incredible wall-climbers appeared from nowhere and performed amazing acrobatics, causing jaws to drop. As the morning hours grew later, Loczi became a figment of the imagination controlling the dreams and reality of every partier inside the legendary Studio 54.

About Electric Dream
Produced and orchestrated by DJ Loczi, “Electric Dream” plays up Las Vegas extravagance while creating an overall dream experience for guests every Friday at Studio 54 inside MGM Grand. Like stepping into an alternate universe, DJ Loczi takes partygoers on a dream-like journey as the line between fantasy and reality blurs. Celebrating infamous stars who made Studio 54 legendary, Electric Dream rewinds to the past incorporating videos and projections of the club’s iconic guests, while fast forwarding into the future with live musicians; unexpected appearances by aerialists, wall-climbers and dancers; and surreal special effects. With new encounters around every corner, guests can visit week after week without ever experiencing the same thing twice. The experience DJ Loczi creates is completely unpredictable but will undoubtedly leave club-goers wanting more!

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