DJ Vice Video at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Photos by Jeremy Womack via iPhone – Womack Photography

Last night, my good friend Edgar Arana invited me to hangout at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub for Marquee Mondays. DJ Vice was spinning in the main room, with Sydney Blu spinning in the Boom Box room. By the looks of the crowd at Marquee last night, Marquee Mondays might just be the premiere Monday industry night in Las Vegas. Did I just say “Monday” night? Yes I did. You didn’t know we party 24/7 here? Well, now you do.

Some notable people that I saw at Marquee last night were, Marc Jay, Holly McNamara, Cody Boor, Al Powers, Brenton Ho, Tony Tran, Jack Colton, Melissa Renee, Mikey McNulty. Laurice Starks, Krystel Pepito, Lari’ Michelle Brown, and Bof Santos. I’m sure there were others. If I didn’t give you a shout out, I do apologize. 🙂

And a BIG shout out goes to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas itself. What an awesome hotel. I had the pleasure of crashing at Mr. Arana’s suite last night. The view of the strip was amazing, the technology in the room was sick, while the size and decor of the room was juuuust right. After only a couple hours of what some people call sleep, I would’ve called it a haze (no I don’t drink), Edgar and I decided to explore the property. We finally ended up at the Wicked Spoon Buffet. Mmmmm, it was GOOD!

So, thumbs up to you Cosmopolitan for changing the shape of Las Vegas in many different ways.

Make sure you check out the video footage I shot with my iPhone below from last night at Marquee, while DJ Vice was at the helm.

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