DMV Dash Pass is Finally in Las Vegas

DMV Dash Pass is easy! You can get in line from wherever you are by text or phone call from your phone or online from your desktop. There is nothing to download.

DMV Dash Pass
DMV Dash Pass

DMV Dash Pass will text or call you with an estimated wait time, then keep you up to date as your turn approaches. You don’t have to wait at the DMV office!

There is no need to check in again once you get to the office. Simply watch the monitors for the last four digits of your phone number.

How DMV Dash Pass Works

Everyone knows you have to wait in line when you go just about anywhere. But you don’t have to wait at the DMV office anymore. Grab lunch, run errands or just relax!

Check in with DMV Dash Pass! They will send updates to your phone as your number approaches and even allow you to push your time back if needed. There are multiple options for true flexibility. Some options may not be available on all devices or at all offices.

BY TEXT: Get in line by texting a keyword to the phone number of the office you want to go to. You will receive a confirmation text with your estimated wait time and Dash Pass options. They will send you status updates and let you know when you are approximately 15 to 20 minutes from the front of the line.

BY PHONE: Get in line by calling (844) DASHPASS – (844) 327-4727. Follow the options from the phone menu. You will receive phone calls that will update you and let you know when you are approximately 15 to 20 minutes from the front of the line. Currently available only in the Carson City and Reno offices.

BY WEB: Get in line using our web link. Enter your cell phone number and receive text messages or switch to voice messages and receive the same service as above. Adobe Flash player is required. The links do not appear on all devices.

No cell phone? You can still check in at the office. Self-serve touch screen monitors are available. Enter any phone number then watch for the last four digits to be called.

When you get to the DMV, watch for the last four digits of your cell phone number on the TV monitors. But don’t worry. You will also receive a text message or phone call when you have reached the front of the line and when you have been summoned to a specific window.

There is no need to check in again. But, if you have any questions, just ask one of the staff at the information desk. They will be more than happy to assist you.

REMEMBER: You must be in the building before the posted closing time at any office. No customers are admitted after closing.

See DMV Office Locations for a list of all offices.

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