Ellen’s Even Bigger Really Big Show

Having performed at last year’s Comedy Festival with her variety show entitled Ellen’s Really Big Show, Ellen Degeneres is back and better than ever for this year’s Festival with her appropriately titled Ellen’s Even Bigger Really Big Show on November 20th at Caesars Palace’s The Colosseum at 7 pm. Hosted by TBS, the show really is expected to be massive, with live music, dancers, and a boatload of specialty acts in a throwback to the variety shows of the past.

Comedy queen and Emmy award-winning talk show host Ellen has been making audiences laugh for years with her unique brand of quirky observational humor that has been compared to Jerry Seinfeld. Since 1981 when she first began performing stand-up comedy, Ellen has become a widely-recognized figure in American culture. She rose to fame with several film and TV appearances and gained her own sitcom in 1994 titled Ellen. The show reached the height of popularity in 1997 when Ellen came out on the Oprah Winfrey show, which was followed by the coming out of her character on Ellen in the show’s final season. In 2001, Ellen hosted the Emmy’s after September 11th; her strong performance despite the show’s somber tone garnered her several standing ovations as well as a boost in fame and popularity. Then in 2003, Ellen lent her voice to the character of Dory in the hit Disney film Finding Nemo. Her performance received rave reviews and won several awards. The same year, Ellen also launched her hugely successful daytime talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, in which Ellen talks with famous celebrities, dances and sings with the audience, and entertains with her usual charisma and comedic style. Ellen has won several Emmys for The Ellen Degeneres Show and has become one of America’s most beloved comedians.

Ellen’s Even Bigger Really Big Show is sure to be a fantastic show with plenty of fun, humor, and surprises. Last year’s show featured artists such as Sheryl Crow and Barry Manilow – who knows what special guests will turn up this year?

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