Eva Longoria Parker Hosts Birthday Party for Tony Parker at EVE Nightclub

Eva Longoria Parker Hosts Birthday Party for Tony Parker at her Las Vegas nightclub, Eve

Photos Provided by EVE Nightclub

Eva Longoria Parker threw a lavish birthday party for her husband, Tony Parker, last night at her steakhouse, Beso, and stylish nightclub, Eve, in Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas. The party of 12 started with dinner – a decadent spread prepared by Chef Matt Piekarski – that included Eva’s signature tortilla soup and guacamole, made from her own family recipes. Both Eva and Tony enjoyed the chili rubbed skirt steak for their entrees. “Tony’s favorite,” said Eva. The upbeat group also enjoyed sangria and an array of desserts, including house-made churros served with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce.

As Tony and Eva walked the red carpet, the two talked about his birthday gifts and wishes. Eva, who said she gave Tony “a lot of things for his birthday,” including new four wheelers and “a Microsoft surface computer you can touch and play with,” added, “There’s a surprise tomorrow, which I can’t say right now, but there’s a surprise tomorrow. Huh, babe?”

“I can’t wait for the surprise tomorrow,” replied Tony, who added, “Whatever she gives me I’m fine with it; I’m happy.”

Joined by family and friends, Eva and Tony went upstairs to Eve where she got on the microphone and wished Tony a happy birthday. She then said “give it up for TP,” and passed the microphone to her husband. He thanked everyone for coming in to celebrate and for supporting Eve. He introduced Cut Killer as his favorite DJ from Europe, and told the crowd that he doesn’t drink much during the season, “but tonight, let’s have fun! Everyone get a shot, have a shot on me!”

The packed club cheered wildly, and many enjoyed a shot courtesy of Tony. He spoke to the crowd frequently on the microphone, saying, “Give it up for DJ Cut Killer,” and even singing along to the music. He even joined DJ Cut Killer in the DJ booth. The affectionate couple danced together through much of the night, and even got on the platform with their family and friends to dance.

An ornate black and white tiered birthday cake with oversized letters that spelled out “TONY,” was presented around 1 a.m. The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse filling was prepared by Gimme Some Sugar. The club was filled with balloons and birthday party décor by Party Supply House.

Eva looked stunning, with her hair in soft waves, wearing a gorgeous dress by Elizabeth and Jenny and Brian Atwood shoes.

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