First Big Snowfall at Mt Charleston 2010

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

Many people don’t know this, but during the winter in Las Vegas, you can go skiing less than an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort on Mt Charleston is heaven for those that appreciate the heat of the summer in Las Vegas and snow in the winter. Make sure to watch the video below.

Christmas is still one month away but they’re singing “Let it Snow” up at Mount Charleston. Several inches of snow fell on Sunday and more is expected.

It might be in the 50’s in Las Vegas but on the mountain it was in the 20’s. The colder weather and blustery conditions didn’t deter some people. “People come up here because of the snow,” said Tim Quillette, manager of The Resort at Mount Charleston.

Whether it’s for a snowball fight, hot chocolate, a nap or the simple sight of snow, The Resort at Mount Charleston counts on the white to make the green.

“We’re booming. We’re looking at record numbers for Thanksgiving. People come to the mountain because they want to come to the mountain,” said Quillette. – Click here to Read More

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