Forte Tapas Announces a New Chef-Driven Menu

Forte Tapas, Las Vegas’ favorite Eastern European neighborhood hotspot, is excited to announce the first of many changes in preparation for its 10-year anniversary this summer.

Forte Tapas
Forte Tapas

Kicking off the exciting year ahead are a new chef, Tylor Urias, and a new menu featuring signature dishes for which Forte is known, as well as new bites sure to become favorites.

Spanning Forte’s menu categories including Tapas, Charcuterie & Cheese; Salads & Soups; Platos; and From the Oven, new dishes include the Pulpo de Vino Rojo with chickpea Panzanella and citrus supremes; Manchego Fundido served with fresh house-made bread; and Truffle & Root Vegetable Agnolotti in fennel sauce. A new menu category is the From the Josper, where Chef Tylor uses a Spanish Josper Broiler, one of only a handful in Las Vegas, which functions as an oven and grill, while premium coal and wood smoke, grill and sear Forte’s new plates to perfection. Featured From the Josper dishes include a Grilled Bistec with Patatas BravasAustralian Lamb Rack with Pommes Puree; and a Roasted Catch with Winter Vegetables.

While new dishes elevate and refine the menu, Forte’s menu still includes many fan favorites like the Bulgarian Stuffed Sweet Peppers filled with rice and seasoned pork, broiled and topped with yogurt-dill sauce; Beef Stroganoff Ragu layered atop wild mushroom pelmeni; Khachapuri,Forte’s take on the traditional Georgian bread boat filled with a trio of Russian pickled cheeses, butter and a cracked egg; andthe Sofiiska Banitzathe homemade filo dough pastry filled with feta and baked to perfection. Forte’s private-label caviar, Epicurean Atelier, sourced straight from the pristine mountains of Bulgaria is another not to be missed experience still available.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Forte during such a milestone year,” says Chef Tylor Urias. “I am looking forward to honoring the vision and mission of the restaurant, while elevating the experience and taking it to the next level.” 

Having traveled the world throughout his upbringing, Chef Tylor developed a deep appreciation of other cultures and began crafting his own unique style drawing from Mediterranean and Spanish influences. He trained under several Michelin starred chefs and worked at highly-acclaimed restaurants in California before moving to Las Vegas and joining Forte Tapas. His shared passion of bringing people together with a delicious meal makes him a perfect match for the restaurant, where the emphasis of comfort is at the forefront of the dining experience.

“This is such an exciting year for us as we celebrate 10 amazing years in the Valley,” says Forte Owner Nina Manchev. “I’m so thankful Las Vegas locals embraced my dream of preserving old traditions and recipes from my culture in the cuisine we offer. The new menu is the first of many new developments in the restaurant, including a new cocktail menu coming this Spring. We can’t wait to roll out these new changes we know our customers will love.”

Forte Tapas
Forte Tapas

About Forte Tapas

Forte Tapas gives guests the ability to travel through Eastern Europe with a robust selection of shared bites and beverages without leaving its cozy banquettes in South West Las Vegas. With a menu featuring dishes from countries like Russia, Georgia, Hungary and Bulgaria (the owner’s home country), Forte brings the rich cultures and cuisines of this region of the world to Las Vegas in an approachable and drool-worthy way.

Forte Tapas is open daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reservations are available through OpenTable. Follow Forte Tapas on Instagram, like them on Facebook, and visit their website for more information.

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