Forte Tapas Launching Brunch on April 21st

Forte Tapas launches an all-new tasty brunch with a touch of coastal charm every Sunday beginning April 21.

Forte Tapas
Forte Tapas

The new brunch menu will feature the eastern European traditions and dishes patrons love, as well as add new Mediterranean-influenced bites, a true food heaven! Chef Tylor Urias invites guests to taste his hearty and well-balanced plates that pair perfectly with the new brunch craft cocktails.

With a wide variety of options and rotating dishes, guests can choose from tasty dishes like the Breakfast Blintzes – a crepe rolled with arugula and cheese, browned with butterAdjarski Khachapurri with Bulgarian cheeses and baked egg; Smoked Salmon Toast with Russian style egg saladEggs and Chorizo simmered in Liuteniza sauce with green onion and peppers; or hearty Salted Pork Eggs Benedict. From the grille, guests can choose Bulgarian mixed or Serbian mixed grille of meats, Chicken kabobs or a Pleskavica Burger. For an extra special treat, get fancy and enjoy Caviar by Epicurean Atelier on the seafood plateau. Caviar lovers can also partake in a surprise, rotating delicacy experience to be enjoyed with a champagne toast.   

Designed to pair nicely with Forte dishes, guests can quench their thirst with a special brunch drink like a Saffron Sunrise – Bombay East Gin, Lemongrass and Saffron Syrup and lemon juice; or a Juice Cleanse with 4 delicious shots: All Greens – Cucumber Vodka and green pressed juice; Royal Flush – Citrus and pineapple infused vodka, C-Sharp – Sloe Gin with carrot, ginger and lemon pressed juice, and Mr. B – Pressed beet juice, Malibu and lemon juice. Brunch must-haves also include a bubbly Champagne Flight and mimosas.

“With all our recent updates in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, adding a brunch capturing the essence of European home cooking was the obvious next step,” says Forte owner Nina Manchev. “There’s something special about a brunch meal—relaxing with family and friends, while enjoying delicious food and libations seems like a perfect way to spend a Sunday.”

Brunch will be served every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Dinner service will resume at 5:00 p.m. Prices range between $6-$22 per plate and $7-$18 for cocktails.

About Forte Tapas

Forte Tapas gives guests the ability to travel through Eastern Europe with a robust selection of shared bites and beverages without leaving its cozy banquettes in South West Las Vegas. With a menu featuring dishes from countries like Russia, Georgia, Hungary and Bulgaria (the owner’s home country), Forte brings the rich cultures and cuisines of this region of the world to Las Vegas in an approachable and drool-worthy way.

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