Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror – Las Vegas Haunted Houses

Another Halloween season has descended upon Las Vegas. If there’s one place that I always HAVE to go. it’s Freakling Bros. The Trilogy of Terror. They are back again with their haunted houses Gates of Hell, Castle Vampyre, and Coven of 13.

Check Out the Video Below For a First Hand Account

All the haunted houses are pretty cool, but my favorite one has to be Gates of Hell. I always do it first. Yeah, I’m one of those kinds of people. Why is it my favorite one you ask? Well, first off, in order to even go in, you have to sign a waiver. Why? Because the monsters can touch you. If you’re bothered by that, you may not want to do Gates of Hell, and just stick with the other two. But, if you’re interested in a more “interactive” experience when you visit a haunted house, go get in line and sign that waiver.

Each haunted house has its own unique thing about it. Not just because they are themed differently, around the devil, vampires, or witches. It’s that they each have a special thing that goes on in each of them that you don’t find in other haunted houses. I think that’s where the Freakling Bros. hit it out of the park each year.

You might just find yourself asking the following:

Did my friend just disappear?
Why am I on my hands and knees?
Am I getting shocked?

Do all three of those things actually happen? YES! It all depends on which haunted house you go into. Guess you’ll have to try all three to find out what happens in each one. Muaahahahaha

I look forward to going back again next year. Who wants to go with me and be the Freakling Bros. next victim? Happy Halloween Everyone!

The Trilogy of Terror
Celebrating its 26th terrifying season as Las Vegas’ most renowned and spine-chilling haunt, The Trilogy of Terror features the classic Castle Vampyre, the experimental Coven of 13 and the award-winning, world-famous Gates of Hell, Nevada’s first and only R-rated attraction. Located at the Grand Canyon Shopping Center at 4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr. (Flamingo and the 215 Beltway), the Freakling Bros. The Trilogy of Terror box office operates from 7 p.m. to midnight Friday – Saturday and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday – Thursday, through Thursday, Oct. 25. The box office will also remain open until midnight from Friday, Oct. 26 through Wednesday, Oct. 31. Castle Vampyre, Coven of 13 and Gates of Hell will remain open until every ticket holder has entered. Dates of operation will be Oct. 12 – 31.

Tickets are $15 for COVEN of 13 and Castle Vampyre and $17 for Gates of Hell. Line-pass t-shirts are available for $15 and are valid all month. Discounts are available for combining houses and multiple visits, including the $39 “Freak Pass.” To enter the Gates of Hell you must be at least 17 years of age or accompanied by an adult, and you must sign a consent form. For more information on The Trilogy of Terror, call 362-FEAR or visit the website.


Established in 1976, Freakling Bros., creators of Las Vegas‘ premier haunted attractions, unveiled the city’s first free-standing haunted attractions in 1992, later introducing the industry’s first six-trailer, self-contained mobile attraction, paving the way for a new concept in haunted houses that would sweep the country. Freakling Bros. The Trilogy of Terror was recently voted Las Vegas’ top haunted attraction in the Best of Vegas 2018, as well as a top-five haunted attraction in the world by

In 2011, Duke and son JT Mollner introduced the first-ever R-rated attraction in Gates of Hell to the haunted experiences at The Trilogy of Terror. An experiment in serious, uncompromising, interactive horror, Gates of Hell helped The Trilogy of Terror earn top honors from The Scare Zone, earning a score of 6 on a scale of 0 – 5. The Trilogy of Terror was also named #1 in the Western United States. In 2015, Freakling Bros. announced the Circus of Horrors would be retired and replaced by the groundbreaking Coven of 13, a horrifying journey through witches, warlocks and black magic.

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