Fright Dome 2015 – My Review

WOW! That’s really the best response I can give for this year’s Fright Dome in Las Vegas. The mazes were awesome. A must see if you’re in Vegas in October.

If you want to see my video blog about Fright Dome, watch the video below.

Fright Dome
Fright Dome

If you want to have the most fun and time efficient time at Fright Dome, you have to get the VIP Pass. The benefit of this pass is that not only do you get Fast Pass privileges, but you have a guide. Our guide’s name was Scorpio. We always got to go through the back way and basically went in the haunted houses with just our group. My group was only two people, so the monsters REALLY had a lot of fun scaring us. For tickets, click here.

Fright Dome
Fright Dome

My quick review about each Haunted House:

  • Insanitarium – This was my FAVORITE haunted house to go in. You have to sign a waiver, which has a “safe word” you say if the experience is too much to handle. I made it through to the end. It’s awesome because you go into several vignette rooms and have to find your way out of each one. So Cool!!!
  • Wasteland – If you’re a fan of Mad Max, you’ll love this house. Our guide played the part well. He even had a foot high mohawk. Loved the chainsaws and apocalyptic setting.
  • The Dollhouse – For me, this house wasn’t scary, but it was fun. All the monsters were girls and they kept asking “Do you want to play with me?” Ummm yeah. hahaha
  • Killer Clowns in 4-D – I really liked this one. You get to wear 3D glasses, so the setting popped out at you. AND, our guide was very funny.
  • SWARMZombie fans, this one is for you. EVERYWHERE you looked zombies were coming out at you. I jumped a few times during this one.
  • Slaughterhouse – Unfortunately, I didn’t dig this one. The setting was awesome, but not enough monsters tried to jump out at us. Not sure if it was just bad timing on our part or what.
Fright Dome
Fright Dome

My quick review about each ride:

  • El Loco – AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Short and sweet.
  • Canyon Blaster – 2 loops, 2 corkscrews. Don’t ride if you’re prone to headaches.
  • Chaos – Didn’t ride. They were reseting the ride when we wanted to go.
  • Disk’O – Definitely a fun ride.
  • Friday the 13th – 4D Theater – You… Will… Get… Wet. But it’s worth it.
  • Inverter – Fun! Don’t eat before going on it though.
Fright Dome
Fright Dome

Well, I hope you liked my review of Fright Dome. Check out my Fright Dome Video Blog below. If you don’t want to hear me talking about my day, just jump to the 9 minute mark to hear about Fright Dome

About Fright Dome

Created from the mind of Halloween entrepreneur Jason Egan at the young age of 23, Fright Dome at Circus Circus Las Vegas has been horrifying the masses since 2003. Over the years Fright Dome has become a popular haunted house attraction location during the Halloween season for celebrities including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, David Copperfield, Holly Madison, Paris Hilton, Missy Elliot, Kevin Hart, Vanilla Ice, Corey Feldman, D.J. Ashba of Guns ‘N Roses, Elvira, Linda Blair, Danielle Harris, Dana White and many more! Learn more at

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