Get Happy & Clap Along With Le Reve

Something pretty cool happened this week. A video put out by Le Reve — The Dream, the show at Wynn Las Vegas, has gone viral.

Happy at Le Reve
Happy at Le Reve

Given the popularity of Pharrell’s song Happy, Le Reve wanted to get in on the action by releasing a stylized version of the video all their own. None of the other Las Vegas properties have done their own version of the song Happy.

Synchronized swimmer Rachael Simon, who choreographed the video said, “When this song hit, there was no denying its contagiousness.” She also added that, “The catchy rhythm just makes people want to move and dance – and that is what we do best! It came to mind that this could be a fun creative project to showcase our talents that are not presented during our nightly routine in the show and we had a blast doing it!”

Make Sure to Check Out the Happy Video Below

Many of the crew and the cast of Le Reve can be seen in their natural environments throughout the almost 3 minute video. You’ll get to see the backstage, divers, dancers, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and clowns.

Simon went on to say, “It doesn’t take much coaxing to convince this group of creative, artistic personalities into participating in a project like this.” Adding that, “We are quite supportive of one another’s ideas and virtually always work exceptionally well together. We know that with everyone’s minds, we can produce amazing collaborations and I think this is a clear example of that.”

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About Le Reve
The first production show to open was Le Reve. Le Reve is set in a 1 million gallon water-oriented theater where no seat is more than 40 ft (12 m) from the stage. The production was created by Franco Dragone.

Le Reve was the working name of the resort before it was changed to Wynn Las Vegas. “Le Rêve” means “The Dream” in French, and the name of the centerpiece painting that Steve Wynn owned, Le Rêve by Picasso.

Most recently, Wynn Las Vegas bought the rights to the show from Dragone to make some changes, including the logo. Wynn now owns all rights to the show, with Dragone still in the label. – Wikipedia

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