GolfBoard Comes to the Las Vegas National Golf Club

What Happens in Las Vegas Golf is no longer a secret. The Las Vegas National Golf Club is now offering a new way to get around the course, the GolfBoard!

GolfBoard at the Las Vegas National Golf Club
GolfBoard at the Las Vegas National Golf Club

GolfBoards are pretty new on the golf scene. They were voted Best New Product at last year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Florida. Why a GolfBoard? Golf has been losing a lot of people lately. The 30-40 year old crowd is just not into the game anymore. This new product is looking to change that.

The cost to rent one will be about $20 for 18 holes. Check out the video below.


The history behind the GolfBoard reads like a ‘who’s who’ in the sports, fitness, and technology world. The concept of a GolfBoard was formulated when self-described snowboard addict Don Wildman, founder of Bally Total Fitness, had the original idea to use an electric skateboard to ride the steep slopes of his local Malibu course as a fun way to ‘get in some turns’ during the summer months. But as much as he tried, an off-the-shelf, one wheel drive skateboard wasn’t safe or powerful enough for some of the steeper fairways.

As fate would have it, Wildman had the good fortune to befriend surfing legend Laird Hamilton while on a visit to Hawaii. A periodic golf partner to the Wildman when the ocean is too calm for surfing, Hamilton was interested in the concept and wanted to see this idea progress. Enter EV entrepreneur Star Faraon, a surfing friend of Hamilton’s who happened to have been forging the concept for an all-purpose and high performance electric mountain board.

Faraon, with friends Paul Hodge (CEO) and Mike Radenbaugh (Technical Director), teamed up to develop a highly robust and rugged electric mountain board that, with the influence of Wildman and Hamilton, was refined into today’s safe and easy-to-use GolfBoard.

The group got together and over several years of intense design and testing efforts, built a product specifically for golf that was powerful enough to carry a golfer and gear for 18 holes, yet gentle enough on the turf that even Golf Course Superintendents eagerly welcome the concept.

The company recently announced the appointment of Jeff Dowell as its new President, with responsibilities for taking Golfboard from an early stage start-up to a best-in-class product designer and manufacturer with world class customer service and support.


Capitalizing on the current rapid growth in the popularity of board sports, the GolfBoard is perfectly positioned to have a revolutionary impact on golf by attracting a much-needed influx of the younger demographic, which will be so vital to the growth of the game. For this generation who has grown up with board sports of all kinds, GolfBoard will be the natural and preferred way to play golf.

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