Hugh Hefner Birthday Photos at Playboy Club inside Palms Casino Resort

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

Playboy founder and legend, Hugh Hefner returns to Palms Casino Resort to commemorate he and his son’s birthdays at premier nightlife destinations, Playboy Club and Moon Nightclub on Saturday, April 9.

Hefner turns 85-years-old, while Marston celebrates his 21st birthday in true Sin City fashion. An entourage of 31 beautiful Playboy Playmates will accompany the duo, including Hefner’s fiancée, Crystal Harris.

Hugh Hefner arrived at The Palms and is pictured with (blonde on his left Anna Sophia Berglund Playboy Playmate of the Month for January 2011) and his Fiancee Crystal Harris (blonde on hi right). He is also pictured with his Son Marston. Hugh and Marston also posed with with Playmate of the Year 2011 Claire Sinclair.

Then the group was joined by 31 Playmates at the Palms Marquee. Hugh, Marston, and Claire Sinclair posed with the group Playmates listed below.

Playboy Playmates: Ashley Mattingly (March 2011), Ashley Hobbs (December 2010), Shera Bechard (November 2010), Francesca Frigo (August 2010), Kassie Logsdon (May 2010), Amy Leigh Andrews (April 2010), Heather Young (February 2010), Crystal Harris (December 2009), Kimberly Phillips (September 2009), Crystal McCahill (May 2009), Jennifer Pershing (March 2009), Jessica Burciaga (February 2009), Kayla Collins (August 2008), Patrice Hollis (September 2007), Tiffany Selby (July 2007), Heather Smith (February 2007), Jordan Monroe (October 2006), Alison Waite (May 2006), Christine Smith (December 2005), Scarlett Keegan (September 2004), Hiromi Oshima (June 2004), Qiana Chase (December 2003), Marketa Janska (July 2003), Pennelope Jimenez (March 2003), Serria Tawan (November 2002), Miriam Gonzalez (March 2001), Neferteri Shepherd (July 2000), Irina Voronina (January 2001), Stacy Fuson (February 1999), Tiffany Taylor (November 1998), Deanna Brooks (May 1998)

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