Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, and Steven Tyler Photos at SINATRA Dance With Me

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It was an A Lister night for the 2nd night of SINATRA: Dance With Me at The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.

Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Twyla Tharp, and Steven Tyler with Cast of Sinatra: Dance with Me pictured backstage after SINATRA: Dance With Me at The Encore Theater at The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV on December 12, 2010.

The cast and celebrity guests celebrated Frank Sinatra’s 95th birthday with a fedora shaped cake after the show that premiered just last night at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas to mark the birthday of Frank Sinatra.

American Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler came to see the show and Mark Anthony joined Jennifer tonight as well. They stopped backstage for a special celebration for Frank Sinatra’s 95th Birthday and spent time with the cast.

Steven Tyler was in total adoration of Twyla Tharp and hung on every word as they chatted after the show. Steven laid a big kiss on her cheek after he asked to have their photo taken.

Jennifer Lopez and Twyla Tharp also talked about the dancing in the show as all of the celebrity guests were impressed, intrigued and curious about the choreography they had just seen. The entire cast and the celebrities took photos together, laughed and all talked about the show and enjoyed the cakein honor of the Chairman of The Board’s 95th Birthday. Twyla Tharp did the honors and cut the cake.

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