John Legend Performance Photos at CES 2010

John Legend Photos at CES 2010

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

MONSTER threw it’s annual CES week awards show at PARIS Ballroom again this year and after featuring legend Diana Ross last year they brought in another more modern Legend this time… John Legend.

Monster CEO Noel Lee presented his top retailers from around the globe with awards for their achievements during what everyone agreed was a very difficult year. Lee then brought onto the stage and introduced Miles Davis family members, Cheryl Davis (wife) and Vincent Wilburn Jr. (nephew) to greet the audience. MONSTER recently released a special limited edition set of in-earphones to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis album ‘Kind of Blue’.

John Legend was introduced by Noel Lee and he performed a great show to a packed Paris Ballroom. His soulful music was backed by his powerhouse of a band and his voice and delivery, reminiscent of early Marvin Gay, kept the audience drawn in throughout the show. The show came to a great thunderous climax during his cover of The Beatles Abbey Road tune… I Want You (She’s So Heavy). – Erik Kabik

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