JWoww Photos at Studio 54 Nightclub

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley hosted a party at Studio 54 with new boyfriend Roger Mathews.

Las Vegas was fist-pumping as Jersey Shore bombshell Jenni “JWoww” Farley hosted a party at the legendary Studio 54 inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The crowd around Studio 54 was electric and bouncing with anticipation for the arrival of everyone’s favorite Jersey Girl.

JWoww took to the red carpet shortly after midnight where her adoring fans were crowded, eager to get a picture of the reality star beauty. Known for her sexy style, JWoww did not disappoint her fans as she wore a tight black mini dress with the sides cutout, revealing her toned physique and dragon tattoo. She matched her outfit with studded stilettos, feathered earrings and a small gray clutch, which only enhanced the star’s appeal.

JWoww was all smiles as she arrived because she was joined by her new beau, Roger Mathews. Looking like a follower of the famed GTL routine, Roger wore jeans with an Extreme Couture sports jacket. Once inside Studio 54, it was “T-SHIRT TIIIMMMEEEE” as Roger removed the jacket to showcase a black t-shirt stretched across his muscular frame.

After the red carpet, JWoww and Roger made their way to the VIP area over-looking the dance floor. Once there, the romantic couple shared a few embraces before JWoww sent out a picture of the legendary nightclub to her Twitter followers. Fans crowded around the area, trying to get a glimpse and photo with the accommodating reality star.

As the music started, provided by the L.A. Lakers’ DJ Kid Jay, JWoww was notably not fist-pumping, the dance move made famous in MTV’s Jersey Shore. When approached, JWoww shockingly revealed “girls don’t fist-pump.” Regardless of the style of dance, JWoww and Roger were clearly having a great time as they partied through the night at Las Vegas’ iconic Studio 54.

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