Kelis Performs at Eva Longoria Parker’s Nightclub Eve

Kelis Performs at Eva Longoria Parker’s Nightclub Eve

Photos by Denise Truscello/WireImage

Singer and Songwriter Kelis performed for a packed crowd at Eva Longoria Parker’s nightclub Eve last night. Wearing a sexy strapless sequined mini-jumper with a matching mask, the vocalist performed three songs including her new single produced by industry legend David Guetta, “Acapella,” a 2010 re-mix of her top hit “Milkshake,” and “4th of July” off of her new studio album Fleshtones. Following the performance Kelis and friends, including “X-Men” actress and “Heroes” co-star Dania Ramirez, danced and partied at Eve, where they sipped on Vanilla Stoli cocktails, Dom Perignon and red wine.

Kelis was presented with a giant milkshake cake – complete with a candy straw and a cherry on top – to congratulate her performance and success of her new album. Prior to going upstairs to Eve, Kelis dined at Longoria Parker’s steakhouse Beso where she and friends sipped wine and enjoyed the shrimp cocktail, crispy fried dungeness crab cakes and Eva’s avocado guacamole.

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