David Spade

Comedian David Spade’s sarcasm and quick wit are an audience favorite as he was loved for years performing in sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live.

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David Spade
David Spade

David Spade is also a celebrated film star. His film credits include “Tommy Boy” and “Joe Dirt.”

David Spade appears on stage wearing comfortable clothing, usually just jeans and a baseball hat. This informal style makes the audience feel at home and doesn’t intimidate like some of the bigger name headliners in town. Spade starred on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1996, during this time he became close friends with co-star Chris Farley. He and Farley performed together in movies such as Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. Shortly after, Spade soon took a role on the hit sitcom Just Shoot Me! which ran for seven seasons and won David Spade several Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations.

David Spade is most famous for the sarcastic characters that he plays. On Saturday Night Live his most famous roles included an airline stewardess who only said “buh-bye” as people were leaving and annoyingly would not answer any of their questions. He also was famous for playing Dick Clark’s receptionist who would ask extremely recognizable people, “And you are?” His stand-up act also follows suit with these characters. David Spade uses mostly real life situations that have actually happened to him and just adds to them making them extremely funny and sarcastic. His show also pokes fun at many Vegas stereotypes that the audience is sure to enjoy.

The king of the sarcastic zing, the David Spade Live residency shows at The Venetian showcase the hilarious skills that have made the star an enduringly popular and incredibly successful comedian across a number of mediums during a career that has spanned two and a half decades.

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.