Hypnosis Unleashed

Leave your inhibitions at the door as Kevin Lepine takes you on a wild comedic ride in Hypnosis Unleashed at Hooters Casino Las Vegas. Hypnosis Unleashed offers a unique Las Vegas show experience.

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Hypnosis Unleashed
Hypnosis Unleashed

Not only do you get the advantage of uncensored comedy routines, but you get to see the wonders of hypnosis in action. If you’ve ever wondered whether hypnosis is the real deal or not, then this is your chance to find out!

Throw in a little bit of rock and roll music and plenty of topics other shows would consider “taboo” and you get Hypnosis Unleashed. Volunteer, if you dare.

When you see Kevin Lepine in Hypnosis Unleashed, prepare yourself for a grown-up comedy show like you’ve never experienced before in Sin City. Lepine will definitely have you laughing, but the performance will be unique every night. Why? It’s because the audience is what makes this Las Vegas hypnosis show so much fun. The more raucous the crowd, the more entertaining this show will be for you. And if you get picked to volunteer, be ready for the time of your life. So do you believe you’re up to the task to be a part of one of the rowdiest shows in Vegas? Then it’s time for you to see Kevin Lepine work his wonders on the crowd in Hypnosis Unleashed!

Lepine has wowed audiences throughout the country with razor-sharp wit that can — and will — touch on taboo subjects and the ability to make people do all sorts of crazy things. Will you be the guy giving birth on stage, grabbing wildly after napkins as if they’re money or perhaps you’re a famous Martian singer? Nothing is off-limits for the award-winning Lepine, which is exactly why he’s the perfect person to take over for Michael Johns and Terry Stokes in the longest-running hypnosis show in Vegas.

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.