Jubilee is “THE” classic Las Vegas show. With outstanding sets, dazzling costumes, spectacular musical numbers, and even some topless dancers.

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Jubilee - The Showgirl Reborn
Jubilee – The Showgirl Reborn

This show is a complete 1 hour and 30 minutes of vintage Vegas excitement. The show is sexy, stylish, and it’ll put you in a good mood. With over 100 showgirls, Jubilee is an extravaganza that can only be seen at Bally’s Las Vegas.

The Jubilee girls are perfectly synchronized in their magnificent dance routines and they absolutely shine in their traditional showgirl outfits. They wear beautiful head-dresses filled with feathers and their costumes are colorful and gleaming. The show is a series of vignettes with very little plot line. Jubilee is really variety at its best. The opening number of the show gets the night off to a great start. Over 75 girls appear on stage at the very beginning of the show. They dance to the song “Hundreds of Girls.” This performance is huge because mirrors are put up all around the stage to make it appear that there are an infinite number of girls on stage. In Vegas, “more is more” and that is certainly the theme of the show.

This show is not to be missed! It is Las Vegas in a nutshell. There are also some specialty acts in between the big productions numbers. There’s a little magic, some acrobatics, and even a few jokes here and there. The fun just doesn’t stop coming. Of the different shows to see on the Strip, this one is really unique in that it shows what made Las Vegas, Vegas! The lights, the glamour, and the rhinestone covered girls! After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.