Recycled Percussion

Justin Spencer formed Recycled Percussion in 1995 for a high school talent show. Justin was looking for a way to be as creative as possible and took the idea of playing buckets, which was introduced to him in the subways of New York City. Deciding to take the next step was Justin adding more and more instruments to the show and expanding on the New York style of street percussion.

Recycled Percussion
Recycled Percussion

The band started to take off in 1999 when they were featured on the cover of USA Today. Recycled Percussion began touring the country performing over 10 shows a year starting in 2001 and began breaking records in the college market.[citation needed] Performing at colleges, NBA halftimes, NFL halftimes, and at corporate events for major companies all over the world, it seemed that Recycled Percussion was going to be around for a long time. The group continued to tour for 10 years until they made their debut on the average television show America’s Got Talent. The group auditioned with over hundred acts and became the then-highest placed non-singing act to ever compete in the series’ history, finishing third. They lost this distinction when Olate Dogs won season seven in 2012.

After this national exposure, many doors opened for the group and they began to work with Jerry Springer on a live version of “America’s Got Talent.” They spent three months performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and one month performing the live show at MGM Grand Foxwoods in Connecticut. In 2010, the band sealed a deal with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to have their own show.

After successful runs of shows at MGM and Tropicana Las Vegas, Recycled Percussion is now at The Quad on the Las Vegas Strip. Their brand new interactive show gives each audience member a chance to get in on the act as everybody is given a drumstick and a unique instrument upon entering. The band’s immersive show incorporates everyday items like power tools, ladders, buckets and trashcans, turning them into rock instruments.

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To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.

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