Las Vegas Events

In the list below, you’ll find Las Vegas events. Many of them will be so enticing that you might just find yourself calling in sick for work, jumping in your car, and heading to Vegas… on a Wednesday. We don’t mind. The more the merrier. But… don’t blame us should you not have a job when you get back. Just make sure you avoid letting someone post where you are on facebook and you “should” be fine.

Las Vegas Events

Use the Las Vegas Events Advanced Search feature to find specific events you are looking for. If you’re planning on being in Vegas during specific dates, type the dates into the search to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also search by category to find the coolest bars, tastiest restaurants, best shows, hottest nightclubs, or craziest pool parties.

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About Las Vegas Events

The great thing about Las Vegas is no matter what day you visit, there’s always something going on. Yes, even on a Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact, some of the best Las Vegas Events aren’t even on the weekends. They are instead on the weekdays, for Industry Nights.

Yes, it’s true, Las Vegas locals are Nightlife aficionados. There aren’t very many places in the world where it’s quite common to hear someone say that they get paid to party. Your fantasy is their everyday reality. In fact, these “Industry Nights” we’re referring to, were originally created to give people that worked in the Las Vegas Nightlife industry a place to party. Since they worked on the weekend, the industry would party during the week. Now tourists have caught on to what we do in Las Vegas and as they say… the rest is history.

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