Double Down Saloon

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4640 Paradise Road
Las Vegas

United States

Welcome to the Double Down Saloon. If you’re looking for the latest “ultra lounge” in Las Vegas, this is not it and you should just turn around and walk out.

Double Down Saloon
Double Down Saloon

Double Down Saloon

With a sign on the wall that reads “Shut Up and Drink” and when one of the drinks is called “Ass Juice”, you know you’re in for a good time. Known as the Happiest Place on Earth, with it’s anti-Vegas feel, this isn’t the bar you should go to for your bachelorette party. Or… is it?

One of the drinks that Double Down Saloon is famous for is the Bacon Martini. Bacon Martini?! Yes, you heard right. The Bacon Martini was invented independently by Sang Yoon, owner of the gastropub Father’s Office in Santa Monica, and P. Moss, owner of the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas. Sang Yoon made his Bacon Martini in 1998, inspired by the Bacon of the Month Club run by the Grateful Palate in Fairfield, California. P. Moss appears to have concocted his Bacon Martini the same year. Sang Yoon’s version of the drink uses juniper-cured bacon, while P. Moss’s method calls for hickory-smoked bacon.

A Bacon Martini, also known as Bacontini, Pig On The Rocks or a Bloody Bacon Martini, is a cocktail that consists of bacon-infused vodka and is served with a garnish that can include ingredients such as strips of bacon, bacon bits and olives. Variants may include the addition of Bloody Mary mix. While not a proper vodka martini, which consists of vodka and vermouth, the Bacon Martini is in line with the modern trend of calling any straight liquor in a martini glass a “martini,” such as the Saketini or other variations. – Wikipedia

Double Down Saloon PARKING ALERT — please do not park in the Siegel strip mall across the street from Double Down. The lot does not belong to the bar and they have started TOWING cars that do not belong there. PLEASE DO NOT PARK THERE and pass along this message.

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