Top 10 Las Vegas Show – Blue Man Group

The legendary Blue Man Group at Luxor Vegas will have you smiling and laughing until you are blue in the face!

Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group

It’s true that their faces are painted blue, but that is only the first of many surprises that makes Blue Man Group a rhythmic and visual spectacular. Blue Man’s eclectic mix of music, dance, and humor is sure to make the audience come alive during this hour and 45-minute extravaganza.

Your first clue that this is no ordinary show is when you are escorted to your seat in the custom-built 1,760-seat theater, handed crepe paper and encouraged to decorate yourself with it, and the adventure is just beginning there. What follows is 90 minutes of fast-paced fun.

Blue Man Group’s show features plenty of wacky, off-the-wall vignettes that will make you laugh, including a tutorial on rock concert moves that everyone needs to know whether they want to become a rock star or just worship one. The show relies heavily on audience reactions – the performers constantly play off the crowd.

The Blue Man Group phenomenon has recently exploded in Europe as well. Since there is little dialogue, this type of entertainment can be enjoyed by communities of any language. The Blue Man Group have also won a Grammy award.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group has turbo-charged its newest show in Las Vegas with electrifying music, sensational technology, and innovative new ways of interacting with the audience. The new, mega-enhanced show is a thrilling, energy-infused experience that introduces wildly inventive musical instruments, a humorous look at robots and creativity, and a mind-blowing (literally) tour inside the neural network of the human brain.

To see what audiences around the world have experienced, check out the show video below.

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