Where should you go after living out your ‘What ever happens here, stays here’ experience? Well, eating a great breakfast to stave off the impending hangover is probably a good idea. We suggest the Peppermill.


This old school Las Vegas restaurant, with its HUGE portions, is open 24 hours a day. The Peppermill offers a wide array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options any time of the day.

It’s one of the only freestanding restaurants on the Strip. Which is great, because you don’t have to hike through a casino to get to it. There are mostly booths at the Peppermill, so if you require a table, you might be out of luck. It’s actually quite cool how they got all the booths to fit in the space. Even cooler are the mirrors on the ceiling, fake foliage, and neon lighting. You might think the décor sounds tacky, and to some it might be, but the food is phenominal, which makes up for it. Even better, it’s actually quite affordable.



Not only does the Peppermill serve awesome food 24 hours a day, but they have a cool lounge you can chill at. The Fireside Lounge is named appropriately because of the gas firepit in the middle of the lounge. Yes, there is a firepit indoors. There are even seats surrounding the firepit that you can lounge, drink, and even eat at. The seats are limited, so if one becomes available, you should take it. When you come back to Las Vegas with your significant other, you should definitely bring her to the Fireside Lounge.

Peppermill has always been famous for their Bloody Mary’s, especially for those that party 24/7. You and your bachelor party friends will enjoy the casual ambiance and the awesome food. There is a reason why this is the only restaurant on our Top 10 Las Vegas Bachelor Party Spots list.

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To see what Bachelors around the world have experienced, check out the video below.

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