Le Reve – The Dream Gets Multimillion Dollar Show Element

As Le Reve – The Dream, the aquatic and aerial show at Wynn Las Vegas, approaches its 10-year milestone in 2015, the production has introduced a unique installment that incorporates spectacular water, fire and projection technologies.

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Le Reve
Le Reve

Le Reve – The Dream

Entitled the “Denouement,” a French term for a final part of a narrative where the plot is revealed, the $3 million scene is situated as the penultimate act in the 75-minute production. More than 18 months in the making, the “Denouement” includes 172 high-powered fountains, 120 individual LED lighting fixtures and 16 fire-shooting devices designed by WET, a water feature design firm based in Los Angeles, Calif.

Voted the Best Show in Las Vegas by the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association for four consecutive years, Le Reve – The Dream ­has continued to evolve over its 10 year history.

“Over the past 4,500 shows, we’ve continued to introduce new elements, costumes, music and scenes to Le Reve – The Dream. The ‘Denouement’ stands as one of the greatest advancements in the show’s history,” said Rick Gray, general manager of entertainment operations for Wynn Las Vegas. “We do this for our guests. As no two dreams are ever truly the same, neither is our show – and we take pride in that.”

The ambitious project – spearheaded by Louanne Madorma, director of artistic implementation, and Dale Hurt, director of technical operations, for Le Reve – The Dream – took nearly 60 designers, technicians, engineers, dancers and choreographers more than 3,000 hours to create, install and rehearse.

Choreographed by Madorma; Danita Salamida-Eldridge, the show’s resident choreographer; and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Dancing with the Stars season 18 winner, the “Denouement” incorporates high-energy ballroom and contemporary dance and takes place in five distinct movements evident through progressions in the music and movement of water, creating a graceful and inspirational scene.

Additionally, the advanced technologies include three Oarsmen™, 20-feet tall, fan-like walls of water that twist, billow and wave while advanced LED technologies project moving images; 12 eight-feet-wide Fire Bells™ covered by umbrella-like waterfalls; and a 47-foot-tall Rain Curtain™ that descends from the ceiling to the stage incorporating moving images projected onto the 360-degree wall of water.

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Wynn and Encore Las Vegas are two luxury hotel and casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The iconic travel destinations are operated by international resort developer Wynn Resorts, recipient of more Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Awards than any other independent hotel company in the world. Wynn Las Vegas opened on April 28, 2005 and has been recognized as the best resort in Nevada on Conde Nast Traveler’s “Gold List” for five consecutive years. The resort features 2,714 lavish guest rooms and suites, more than 111,000 square feet of state-of-the-art casino space, 14 casual and fine dining restaurants, a spa and salon and an on-site Ferrari and Maserati dealership and 18-hole golf course.

Wynn Las Vegas is also home to “Le Reve – The Dream,” an award-winning theatrical experience blending aerial acrobatics, provocative choreography, powerful performances and elaborate effects. Encore, an expansion of Wynn Las Vegas, opened on Dec. 22, 2008. Featuring an additional 2,034 all-suite accommodations, a 72,000-square-foot casino, five restaurants and a spa and salon, Encore is located adjacent to Wynn Las Vegas. Combined, the two resorts boast four distinct nightlife and day club experiences, approximately 283,000 square feet of meeting space and 98,000 square feet of retail space.

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