LMFAO with Paris Hilton Photos at Surrender Nightclub

LMFAO with Paris Hilton Photos at Surrender Nightclub

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/ www.erikkabik.com

Closing out the memorial day weekend festivities at Surrender Nightclub were hit-makers LMFAO and their Party Rock crew, who performed a 30-minute set close to 2 a.m. At the start of their performance Paris Hilton returned to Surrender Nightclub and jumped onto the stage to dance and sing along to the group’s song “I’m In Miami Bitch,” which was altered for their Vegas location. The group played two more songs then dedicated their “I Am Not A Whore,” song to the ladies, who Paris referred to on the mic as “Hungry Tigers.”

Following the tune, LMFAO said they wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Hilton, who they credited with playing “I’m In Miami Bitch” first. Paris got on the microphone and said she grew up with the guys and that they were “rocking it at the new club Surrender.” The group then segued into the song “Shots,” which prompted Hilton to down a shot on the stage and continue to jump and dance with the group.

Also at Surrender on Sunday, legendary tennis champion Boris Becker, who was sitting at Hilton’s table.

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