Lock On with Sky Combat Ace for some modern Air Combat in Las Vegas

Sky Combat Ace: Aerial Dogfighting & Air Combat Las Vegas

Based in the desert playground of Las Vegas, Nevada, Sky Combat Ace LLC (SCA) provides a different level of adrenaline.

At SCA, you’re not just a passenger on a joy ride.

You are a steely-eyed fighter pilot at the controls of your very own “fighter jet”, pulling Gs and squeezing the trigger. Of course, we teach you everything you need to know about Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) before you fly, so you have all the knowledge needed to successfully own the skies.

With over 10 professional fighter pilots on staff, we have a cadre of highly experienced combat veterans that have flown everything from the F-15 “Eagle” to the F-16 “Viper” to the A-10 “Warthog.” On one sortie, you might fly with a former Air Force Thunderbird, on the next, a fighter weapons school graduate, which is the Air Force’s version of Top Gun.

While the flying experience itself is thrilling enough, we also offer a taste of what it’s like to be a “fighter jock” for those who have ever dreamed of being a combat fighter pilot. To the maximum extent possible, SCA gives our “wingmen” a day in the life of the fighter pilot. All SCA instructors are highly-trained current and former military fighter pilots, so they will know first-hand how a fighter squadron looks and feels. A typical mission profile includes a limo pick-up, in-processing at the Squadron Orderly Room, where customers are fitted with their own flight suit, followed by a 1 ½ hour briefing on basic fighter maneuvers.

After that, we strap you in our brand new state-of-the-art, +10g/-10g, fully aerobatic Extra 330LC and our wingmen are thrust into the ultimate thrill ride. With a qualified Certified Flight Instructor in back, wingmen are taught the art of aerial combat, complete with high-g maneuvering, military maneuvers and the satisfaction of scoring a hit on your opponent.

The whole engagement is caught on video by one of our 4 mounted cameras, perfect for immortalizing our wingman’s first “kill” in a DVD. SCA utilizes all of the latest technology to give the wingman the most realistic simulation possible, including a gun reticle, an electronic targeting system that triggers “smoke on”, and complete visual coverage from 4 different angles including repeater displays in both the front and back seats.

After several engagements, the 2-ship returns to base in formation, pitching out to land from a Thunderbird style arrival with the Las Vegas Strip as an unforgettable backdrop. Once our wingmen return from their adventure, they get to truly appreciate our meticulously rennovated hangar that celebrates the history of combat aviation with colorful murals, scale models and of course, decorated with our fleet of high performance aircraft.

Once settled in, flight leads and wingmen swap stories, play pool, shoot darts and share the special camaraderie that only exists between pilots after a successful mission. Much too soon for some, the limo will return to take our stalwart wingmen back to their hotels, souvenirs in hand, and left with memories that will last a lifetime…

Fight’s On!

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