Lukes Lobster – From Maine to the Las Vegas Strip

Good news! Lukes Lobster is now in Las Vegas. Grab a lobster roll, walk around, and check out the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip.

Lukes Lobster Las Vegas
Lukes Lobster Las Vegas

One of coolest parts of writing about the goings-on in Las Vegas, is that you get invited to cool events. Such as, the Friends & Family event at Lukes Lobster at Fashion Show. Not only did I get to mingle with great people, but I got to eat delicious food while gazing at the awesome Strip.

If you’re a local, typically drive everywhere, and want to check out Lukes Lobster, this is what you do. Make sure to park underground at the Fashion Show mall in the Blue Parking area. From there, you’ll see two glass structures. One takes you into Neiman Marcus, the other takes you into the mall. This is very important, because if you’re on a mission to eat lobster, you don’t want to be distracted by shopping. Exit the mall toward the Strip, go past Starbucks, and then you’ll see Lukes Lobster on the right hand side. You’re welcome.

Lukes Lobster Las Vegas
Lukes Lobster Las Vegas

Ohhh, and what did I get… the Taste of Maine of course. The Taste of Maine (pictured below) comes with a 1/2 lobster roll, 1/2 crab roll, 1/2 shrimp roll, 2 crab claws, chips, a pickle, and a drink. Makes sure to try their blueberry soda. It’s very tasty!

You must check out Lukes Lobster. Enjoy!

Taste of Main at Lukes Lobster Las Vegas
Taste of Main at Lukes Lobster Las Vegas

About Lukes Lobster

Lukes Lobster launched in 2009 in the heart of NYC’s East Village. The vision of Luke Holden, Lukes Lobster brings the sea to the city in a rustic, relaxed seafood shack setting that celebrates its founder’s native Maine. Lukes Lobster is anchored by a commitment to sustainably-sourced seafood. The organization champions its purveyors, and takes great pride in an absolute ability to trace its culinary offerings in the journey from the ocean to the plate. The modest menu highlights superior ingredients, with fresh lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls at the helm, along with a selection of chowders and bisques.

Thanks to a wonderful team and incredible response from guests, Lukes Lobster has grown beyond New York City, with homes in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Boston, and Chicago. Lukes Lobster enjoys many accolades, including two-time winner of Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble, and the company has been featured everywhere from The TODAY Show and New York Times to The Food Network, GQ, Inc., and Forbes. In April 2015, Lukes Lobster released a cookbook, Real Maine Food (Rizzoli), featuring recipes and stories from some of Maine’s favorite farmers, fisherman and cooks.


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