Manny Pacquiao Press Conference Photos from MGM Grand Las Vegas

Manny Pacquiao Press Conference Photos from MGM Grand Las Vegas

Photos by © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

Promoter Bob Arum was all a glow in the press room as he introduced Israeli figther Yuri Foreman, of Haifa, who is the new WBA Super Welterweight Champion. He defeated Daniel Santos of Puerto Rico tonight in the under-card fight. As a Jewish American himself, Arum was very proud of Israel producing it’s first boxing championship.

Arum then brought on Pacquiao who was bandaged from a procedure to drain blood from his ear. Pacquiao was in great spirits and even sang a chorus of ‘Sometimes When We Touch’ as a teaser for his concert later tonight at Mandalay Bay.

Cotto was ordered to UMC by the boxing commission as a safeguard. Cotto said he was feeling alright…just beat up, but nothing unusual.

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