New Las Vegas Food TV Show Casting

**Please don’t contact me on information for the casting, as I don’t have it. What I have is provided below. You’re welcome. :-)**

“Award-Winning Production Company for Major Cable Network is producing a new docu-series set in the showy and celebrated scene of Las Vegas high-end food.

Now casting outgoing, larger-than-life, charismatic, attractive, interesting men and women with dynamic personalities who are THE people of the Las Vegas fine food world. Restauranteurs, chefs, purveyors, sommeliers, food writers, suppliers… all the decision-makers that keep this desert oasis as THE go-to destination for the world’s finest dining. If this is you, or someone you know, please write to us at:

Please include a recent picture, your name, age and contact information as well as a brief description of your occupation and why the world should know about what you do.”

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