November Menus at ARIA Feature Squash, Kobe beef, Time-Intensive Cooking & Family

November Menus at ARIA Feature Squash, Kobe beef, Time-Intensive Cooking & Family

This month, the restaurants at ARIA Resort & Casino are offering fall feasts full of the season’s freshest and most festive ingredients. Celebrated chefs and restaurateurs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michael Mina, Sirio Maccioni and Shawn McClain’s delicious November Tasting Menus pay homage to squash at its prime, tender Kobe beef, time-intensive cooking techniques and family business.

Kobe Beef – The superlative delicacy Kobe beef is celebrated in celebrity chef Michael Mina’s November menu at AMERICAN FISH. Executive Chef Sven Mede’s dishes, such as Soy Braised Short Rib, are accented by seasonal ingredients, including turnip gratin and ginger carrots and the Tataki, and paired with edamame, golden Enoki mushrooms, crispy garlic and black truffle vinaigrette. Menu: $95; Wine Pairing: $55

Timing Is Everything – In the kitchen, timing is everything, and that timing is usually fast. But at Shawn McClain’s AAA Four Diamond Sage, Executive Chef Richard Camarota devotes meticulous preparation time to make dishes for the November Tasting Menu that make a lasting impression in your mind. The tender 48 Hour Beef Belly and the creamy 40 Minute Farm Egg serve as perfect examples of how timing (in this case, spending it) is everything. Menu: $79

Squash At Its Prime – Squash might be the ugly cousin of most produce, but it’s the king of fall. Executive Chef Rob Moore at Jean Georges Steakhouse conquers the seasonal royalty with a skilled hand, pairing squash with every course on his November menu. Whether it’s exotically teamed up with Seared Jumbo Shrimp or cushioned under juicy Grilled Beef Tenderloin, these squash dishes will leave you, too, feeling like a king. Menu: $95; Wine Pairing: $55

Family Business – Perfect for the holiday season, world-renowned restaurateur family the Maccionis are filling guests’ stomachs and hearts at their patriarch’s eponymous restaurant, Sirio Ristorante. Executive Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia’s six-course menu updates Maccioni family recipes as well as dishes at the culinary cutting edge with seasonal produce; fresh-shaved White Alba Truffles and custom beverage pairing are available upon request. Menu: $79

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