Palms Casino Resort to Unveil KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub

In early April 2019, and as part of an ongoing $690 million reimagination and repositioning of the property, Palms Casino Resort will unveil KAOS, a spectacular new entertainment experience consisting of a fully integrated 73,000 square foot dayclub and 29,000 square foot nightclub, which together will completely redefine the daylife and nightlife experience in Las Vegas.

Palms Casino Resort
Palms Casino Resort

KAOS will feature exclusive residencies with world-renowned musical artists, state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting technology and dramatic design and art elements woven throughout the experience. The first of many waves of KAOS talent that will be announced prior to the opening involves (in alphabetical order) exclusive residencies by Above & BeyondCardi BG-EAZYKaskade and Skrillex, with numerous other headliner residency announcements to follow as the opening date draws nearer.

“The opening of KAOS is a cornerstone element in our plan to return PALMS to its rightful status as the premier gaming and entertainment destination in Las Vegas for both residents and tourists alike,” said Jon Gray, General Manager of PALMS. “To assist us in that effort, we have assembled a world-class operations team, partnered with the biggest names across a variety of music genres, and designed and developed a next-level entertainment experience that will change the club landscape across the globe.”

Composed by award-winning design firm Friedmutter Group Las Vegas, the multi-level 73,000 square foot dayclub offers [two] luxurious main pools, numerous side pools and 39 unique cabanas (most with their own private pool). The focal point of the dayclub is a towering 65-foot bronze sculpture by Damien Hirst entitled “Demon with Bowl” (2014), which rises up from the center of one of the two main pools. Boasting the highest number of pools of any resort in North America, KAOS dayclub offers a luxe Greek-inspired oasis that can be found nowhere else in Las Vegas.

KAOS will seamlessly blend the nightclub and dayclub experiences via a massive retractable glass wall/door that allows clubgoers to easily move between the indoor and outdoor venues. In addition, the nightclub has a rotating 360-degree DJ booth that allows talent to play to both indoor and outdoor crowds, while the dayclub has its own separate entertainment stage in order to provide for multiple performance locations.  The dayclub can also accommodate up to [5,000] guests and incorporates a [seasonal] dome cover that will allow it to operate on a year-round basis.

Running the length of the eastern exterior of PALMS’ Ivory Tower will be the city’s largest LED wall, which will stream live shots of the dayclub and nightclub to the outside world, thereby allowing those on The Strip to see the excitement and energy inside the clubs.

Conceived by the nationally acclaimed design firm Rockwell Group, the 29,000 square foot nightclub will feature an opulent theme merged with state-of-the-art technology to create a dynamic, luxurious and production-rich environment. The choreography and circulation leading guests to the theater-like club drew inspiration from a modern playhouse, with art and architecture working hand-in-hand to create a surreal, ever-evolving experience.

The nightclub utilizes first-of-its-kind technology to enhance interaction and storytelling and creates an immersive, sensory and celebratory experience, brought to life by KAOS’ living brand logo that captures the energy and sound created by the nightclub and its guests.

Talent Lineup  
The first announced round of KAOS’ exclusive residencies is set forth below. Tickets for select upcoming dayclub and/or nightclub performances by such musical artists are now available:

  • Above & Beyond – the multi-Grammy award-nominated English electronic music trio will bring their incomparable, genre-defying shows to KAOS and will be an exclusive KAOS resident.
  • Cardi B – the history making hip-hop icon will make her Vegas club residency debut at KAOS.
  • G-EAZY – the multi-platinum rapper and producer from Oakland, CA will be an exclusive KAOS resident.
  • Kaskade – the multi-Grammy award-nominated singer, songwriter, producer and remixer will be an exclusive KAOS resident.
  • Skrillex – the eight-time Grammy award winning globally revered producer, songwriter, singer, DJ and OWSLA founder will be an exclusive KAOS resident.

For more information and for booking, please visit their website.

The KAOS “O” Logo 
The KAOS brand logo is a generatively designed audio fingerprint that creates a unique “O” (from the KAOS name) based on 12 audio variable inputs ranging from pitch to bass. Using voice and music as a brush to create the “O’s” overall shape, ring number, color and motion, the logo generator is designed to give users the ability to create bespoke brand icons. KAOS’ custom-designed and engineered system generates each “O” icon in a radial cycle powered by audio, where an icon takes five seconds to create, but can continue to morph and extend for as long as the user decides. This gives each user the ability to virtually paint with their voice in real-time.

The logo comes to life in the venue via the audio output from live talent and guests; the sound is directly connected to the logo generator capturing the sonic energy of the club and the resulting output is displayed live on the gigantic LED wall located on the eastern exterior of PALMS’ Ivory Tower facing The Strip. Users looking to create their own version of the KAOS “O” can do so via an interactive platform on the website. #CREATEKAOS. The technology and brand design was created by AKQA Portland. Follow KAOS on socials @KAOSVegas.

About Palms Casino Resort 

Palms Casino Resort has been heralded as one of Las Vegas’ “must see” gaming and entertainment destinations since its opening in 2001. Following its acquisition by Station Casinos in 2016, the iconic property is now undergoing a $690 million renovation that will touch virtually every aspect of the property and yet again transform Palms into Las Vegas’most elevated destination by creating a mix of classic Vegas hospitality and extraordinary new art, culinary, music and entertainment experiences featuring world-class partnerships. These partnerships include industry-leading nightlife and entertainment companies such as Clique Hospitality and Live Nation, as well as celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Marc Vetri. Palms is located just west of the center of the Las Vegas Strip off I-15 on Flamingo Road. To learn more about the Palms and its transformation, visit their website or connect with us on social via TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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