Party Rock Mondays at Marquee Nightclub on March 7th

Party Rock Mondays at Marquee Nightclub on March 7th

DJ Redfoo is BACK with another installment of Party Rock Mondays at Marquee Nightclub inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

This Monday, March 7, Redfoo of LMFAO returns to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for his third takeover of Marquee Night and Dayclub’s Industry Night. Celebrities who’ve come out to revel in the party include Pauly Shore, Joey Fatone, Ryan Cabrera, and others, and this week Marquee’s weekly industry night promises to be extra huge, as Monday night kicks off Las Vegas’ annual Nightclub & Bar Convention, which always brings the nation’s hottest party-people into town for 3 nights only.

The night is called Party Rock Mondays, and with good reason– when Redfoo is in the house, that is exactly what he does—he ROCKS the PARTY. Not only does he turn out perfect mixes of the hottest house and dance tracks from the DJ booth, but he also shows up with a whole party-inciting package, complete with sexy video visuals, decked out choreographed dancers, hot go-go’s, cryo guns, lasers, light shows, Party Rock frames, foam fingers, glow sticks, whistles, and, of course, inflatable zebras. Redfoo also brings out his entire Party Rock Crew from Hollywood, CA, to dance, drink, and party with the crowd from their table on the dancefloor. Thirsty? Work your way to the stage where Redfoo and Q will be pouring shots straight from the bottle for any sexy ladies close enough to be within shot-pouring range.

As if throwing a massive party isn’t enough, Redfoo will also be on the mic throughout the night, keeping up with the crowd and rocking the stage with live vocal performances of LMFAO hits like “I’m in Las Vegas, B*tch!” and “Shots (feat. Lil Jon),” and their just-released hot single “Party Rock Anthem.” To top it all off, when Redfoo is back partying in the crowd or hosting the ladies at his table on the dancefloor, LMFAO’s own DJ Air and Party Rock DJ Lucky Lou will be holding it down in the booth, spinning party-perfect sets to keep the dance floor on fire all night long. Rest up, kids— we’re bout to get crazy, get wild- let’s party, get loud.

Come out and join Redfoo, the Party Rock Crew, and the A-list celebrities who know that the hottest spot on Monday night will be at Marquee Las Vegas for Industry Night inside the new Cosmopolitan.

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