Photos from SpyOnVegas HOT 100 at WET Republic

Photos by © Jeremy Womack is gathering hundreds of the most beautiful women in Las Vegas and beyond. With a $25k grand prize on the line, they hope to embark on one of the greatest cat fights ever witnessed in Las Vegas. The top 100 women, selected over a 7-week period, will be their official “ Hot 100”. The voting process is done online and at the pool events. They will culminate the heated voting and stiff competition with a final event at Wet Republic inside the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on July 3rd 2009.

The Hot 100 contestants are required to attend events in order to qualify for the prizes. Each contestant will receive credentials during check-in and will be photographed by and 944 magazine. The contestant who receives the most votes over the entire voting period will be crowned the winner at the final event.

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