Project Dinner Table Concludes its 5 Year Adventure on 10/11

Saturday night, October 11 marks the conclusion of Project Dinner Table, a 5 year adventure in celebrating people, food and purpose. Gina Gavan is the founder of the event.

To learn more about PDT, watch the video below.

Project Dinner Table
Project Dinner Table

Project Dinner Table, a beloved event in Las Vegas, will be starting at 5:30pm at Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art. Socializing will take place in the zero scape garden, while dining will be inside the museum for a special multi-course meal by Chefs of Caesars Palace.

The purpose of the Project Dinner Table events are to build community by connecting people more deeply to each other through meaningful conversation, to the place where they live and work and to various nonprofits.

About Project Dinner Table

Project Dinner Table (PDT) is simply about people, food and purpose in unique settings, connecting the threads of humanity to the greater good. Very talented and awesome Chefs create a one-night-only menu utilizing ingredients from local growers and sustainable sources. Guests break bread with these once-in-a-lifetime menus; white tablecloth-draped dinners hosted on location in adventurous settings outside the four walls of a restaurant. It’s a deeply rooted experience that is about personal and social journeys reminding us we’re always growing; individually and collectively. Through a commitment to create positive ripples – PDT shares a social mission of contributing back into the community through philanthropy. Charitable gifts are presented at each community dinner to various nonprofit organizations throughout the year.

Each dinner accommodates up to 200 guests seated at one long dinner table. Events take place in the most unexpected places. A few past locations have included the baseball field at Cashman, Molasky Corporate Center, Jackie Gaughan Plaza, Town Square, Lake Las Vegas, Gilcrease Orchard, UNCE Orchard, Symphony Park and Three Square’s warehouse.

To learn more about PDT, visit

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