Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton – Studio 54 Nightclub

Last night, David Beckham and Oasis joined Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton at Studio 54 to celebrate his boxing victory

Last night at legendary nightclub Studio 54 at MGM Grand, soccer sensation David Beckham joined Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton to celebrate his victory to Paulie Malignaggi directly after the highly anticipated boxing match. Also in the packed house were Liam and Noel Gallagher of the popular band Oasis. Beckham, Hatton and the Gallagher brothers were joined by a large entourage of the boxer’s family and closest friends.

Hatton and his famous friends arrived at Studio 54 just after midnight, where they were greeted by cheering fans waiting to get into his official after party. Inside, the club was packed from wall to wall with many devoted Hatton supporters who traveled across the pond to cheer him on. The British celebrities all partied in Studio 54’s infamous skybox, as club-goers mobbed the area trying to get a glimpse of Beckham, Hatton and Gallagher brothers. Guests from across the club were screaming and shouting congratulations to Hatton hoping to get his attention. Beckham added to the frenzy as his stunning good looks caught the attention of countless admirers. Just after 1 a.m., a devoted band decked out in Ricky Hatton capes took the stage with their drums to sing the infamous Hatton fight song.

The whole club joined in and loudly sang the fight song in unison for the joyous affair. Hatton was amazed by the intense support of his fans and took the mic to greet the packed club and thank them for their support. The crowd went nuts as Hatton descended at the top of skybox in full view of everyone in the venue. Beckham partied with Hatton for a short while, but was taken back by the many fans that crowded the area and decided to leave the party early. As Beckham said his good-byes to Hatton , the two hugged as he said his final congratulations. As the soccer stud prepared for his exit a number of body guards accompanied the celebrity and escorted him safely out of the club. A triumphant Hatton and his entourage partied the night away to celebrate his victory.

Also spotted at Studio 54 for the after hours party “Late Night 54” was Matt Garza, starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. Garza partied at the illustrious nightclub into the early hours of the morning enjoying the high-energy atmosphere.

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