Ride Genie Launches in Las Vegas as First E-Hailing Service

Ride Genie has launched as the first and only regulator approved e-hailing application in Las Vegas. Saying they are a new way to hail a ride across all available vehicles.

Ride Genie
Ride Genie

Ride Genie is a mobile app that allows passengers to hail black cars, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, limos, and taxis in Las Vegas. The app went live with approximately 400 black cars, SUVs and limos. It will begin to phase in its taxi service in approximately six to eight weeks. You can download the Ride Genie mobile app on both iOS and Android devices.

The app allows users to hail a ride from anywhere in Las Vegas, with the exception for taxi hails in certain designated locations. These locations include established cab lines or where transportation regulations prohibit hailing. Ride Genie users will receive an in-app notification of the restriction and can opt for a different type of ride.

“Today marks a significant achievement not only for IVSC but also for Las Vegas. IVSC has created a mobile app that allows the fleets to operate as they normally would within the regulatory framework of the state, but provides the added benefit of allowing passengers to use their smart phone to secure rides.” said Mark James, President and CEO of Las Vegas based Integrity Vehicle Solutions Company. “What we have been able to accomplish here in Las Vegas is a true testament to the industry’s desire to use technology that will enhance the passenger experience and optimize their business. We are already receiving interest from other cities throughout the country and the rest of the world and see great opportunity in replicating this experience in those locations,” said James.

While there are several mobile apps that currently occupy the transportation space, IVSC recognized a major gap in the market for technology that would serve the needs of the regulated transportation industry. Ride Genie is a technology tool for the industry and its customers, not a ride sharing app. This means that all drivers who accept Ride Genie requests are professional regulated drivers, part of existing commercial fleets and the pricing is a government approved tariff.

“Instead of exploiting the transportation industry and working against safety and consumer protection regulations, we have chosen to partner with fleet owners and drivers, and worked within regulatory processes to create a seamless technology platform that improves and simplifies transportation access and supports regulatory visibility. With Ride Genie, the riding public can take advantage of the convenience of technology without losing the assurances that the driver and car that they hail are properly inspected, regulated, licensed and insured. It leverages the safety benefits of regulation through the thoughtful and supportive application of technology,” said James.

Working with established fleet owners in Las Vegas, IVSC was able to create Ride Genie as a near universal platform for regulated Las Vegas black car and limousine fleets. That means that when a passenger hails a certain type of vehicle, the closest vehicle, no matter what fleet, will be notified of the hail.

“Ride Genie’s approval here in Las Vegas is a direct result of the foresight Nevada fleet owners had in recognizing the benefits of using a common technology platform. They were able to put their competitive differences aside to create a better consumer experience and easier access to transportation for the riding public, and we believe this will result in increased revenues for drivers and fleets,” said James.

Ride Genie

The Ride Genie approach is to provide the best, worry-free service to their passengers by collaborating directly with regulators, fleet owners and operators, administrators and key personnel with the For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) industry.

We believe that you, our passenger, will have a consistently better and safer experience when a professionally trained, certified and fully-insured driver is at the wheel.

Ride Genie assembled a fleet of safe, clean and reliable vehicles and teamed up with key transportation partners to deliver the perfect combination of convenience and safety—all wrapped up into one simple App.

If your wish is to find an easy-to-use App that lets you locate a sedan, SUV, limo, tax (coming soon) or even a handicap-accessible vehicle quickly and conveniently; wish granted!

Ride Genie is not a ride sharing App. With just a few taps, you can quickly and conveniently find a professional, licensed and commercially insured driver who drives for a living, not a hobby. They work exclusively with established fleets to set pricing approved by regulators. Their rates are commensurate with the rates you would receive from any similar vehicle you hired yourself, without the hassle.

For more information, visit ridegenie.com.

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