RiSE Lantern Festival United Thousands of Attendees for Year Four

The RiSE Lantern Festival returned to Nevada for a fourth year at the Mojave Desert October 6 and 7, 2017. Created to celebrate the collection of participants hopes, dreams and wishes, this year’s festival was particularly special, as many were able to honor those in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy on Oct.1.

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RiSE Lantern Festival 2017
RiSE Lantern Festival 2017

The simultaneous release of thousands of lanterns created a breathtaking moment, that for some served as a floating vigil in the sky, welcoming over guests from across the country. Festival organizers and attendees extended heartfelt condolences to loved ones of the fallen victims while other participants also embraced the prayers and wishes of others through the “Still I Rise” social media campaign launched earlier this year, giving non-attendees an opportunity to share their messages.

To complement the event, guests were welcomed to live music, in addition to a selection of food and beverage offerings enjoyed in the newly added lounge areas. At sundown, the first release of lanterns allowed for an astronomical feeling – filling the Mojave Desert sky with a multitude of sky lanterns each night. After the second release, the event concluded with a collection of fireworks. Participants planning to attend RiSE Lantern Festival in 2018 can anticipate the RiSE Spa and Resort – an all-new addition to the festival. The new amenity will include a camping experience along with other meals, services, and possible excursions.

Photos and Video Courtesy of RiSE

About RiSE Lantern Festival

RiSE Lantern Festival bills itself as the festival of hopes and dreams. The premise of the festival is simple – thousands of attendees will write special messages on biodegradable lanterns, then release them into the sky at the same time.


Learn more about the RiSE Lantern Festival at their website.

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