Rumor Las Vegas Boutique Resort Offers Opportunity to Book Hotel for $13,000 a Night

Rumor Las Vegas Hotel Offers Opportunity to Book Entire Resort

The Rumor Boutique Hotel at Harmon and Paradise was designed to invoke memories of Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.

“Rumor Boutique Hotel is one of the only true boutique hotels in Las Vegas,” said the Siegel Group Director of Business Affairs Michael Crandall. “We wanted to bring something different to Las Vegas, something this city has never seen.”

Crandall says his company also wanted to bring a new and different promotion to Las Vegas.

“We can offer something to our customers that no one else can offer and that’s the opportunity to own Rumor for one night, own a piece of Las Vegas for one night or two nights or however many nights you want,” he said. “For $13,000 a night, you can own the entire hotel.”

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